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Any other English language terms that are important.

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Sociolect Lexis and grammar used by a social or generational group e.g: youth club.
Dialect Grammar and lexis specific to a location or area.
Received pronounciation A regionally neutral accent that people speak with. E.g: Queen's English, BBC English.
Accent The way words are pronounced in a specific geographical area.
Mode Whether the text is spoken or written.
Divergence When you alter your language so it differs from the group. Often done to highlight yourself as an individual or to sound superior.
Multi-modal Overlap between spoken and written language.
Genre A recognisable text with a distinct set of conventions.
Oppositional view States that speech and writing are completely different.
Standard English A variety of English used in this country with no base or dialect. It carries the most prestige and is used by institutions.
Idiolect A unique language style that develops because of personal characteristics and social experiences.
Pragmatics The underlying meaning.
Cataphoric referencing Referencing forwards to an as yet undisclosed lexical item.
Anaphoric referencing Referencing back to an already stated lexical item.
Lexis and semantics Vocabulary and type of word class.
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