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how does water get into the root hair? water gets into the root hair by osmosis
what is wilting? wilting is an upset in the balance between absorption of water and transpiration whereby cells of a plant are losing water faster than they absorb it from xylem vessels
what is root pressure in a plant? root pressure is the pushing force from the root sytem , when water is forced out through the cell wall into the next cell
what is transpiration? transpiratiion is the loss of water vapour from the leaves and stem
what is transpiration pull? the force, created by the energy of the sun, which pulls up water up to the leaves when water evaporates from the leaves
what is transpirational flow? the flow of water that travels up the xylem vessels
why is transpiration important? transpiration maintains water transport in plants, enables uptake of mineral salts from the soil and helps cool the leaves when exposed to intense light
what external factors affect the rate of transpiration? light intensity, humidity, air movements, temperature and water suppy
what are ways in which plants are adapted to live in a desert? desert plants have reduced leaves or no leaves at all and long roots to obtain water and their stomata may be closed during the day to avoid transpiration or hve sunker or hidden stomata to increase the air humidity or photosynthesis takes place in the stem which offers a small surface area for evaporation
where are amino acids synthesized¿ amino acids are synthesized in the root
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