Definitions of Abnormalities

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Definition of Abnormality 1. (A01) Deviation from social norms. If one can follow the unwritten social rules one is normal if not one is abnormal (A02) - Context - Culture
Definition of Abnormality 2. (A01). Deviation from ideal mental health. This says that if one can meet the criteria such as knowing your full potential one is normal if not one is abnormal. (A02) - No one knows their full potential - Every teenage girl is insecure not abnormal - Babies are not independent
Definition for Abnormality 3. (A01). Failure to function adequately. One has obligations and expectations to uphold towards society if one can they one is normal if not one is abnormal. (A02) - Judgmental - Sometimes it is abnormal to function adequately e.g time of grief
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