Energy Efficiency in the Home

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List five ways to cut down on energy loss in the home. 1) Loft insulation 2) Hot water Tank Jacket 3) Double glazing 4) Draught-proofing 5) Cavity wall insulation
What is the equation for pay back time? payback time= initial cost/ annual saving
What is cavity wall insulation? What does it protect against? Foam squirted into the gap between bricks reduces convection and radiation.
What is loft insulation? What does it protect against? A thick layer if fiberglass wool laid out across a whole floor reduces conduction and radiation into the roof space from the ceiling
What is draught-proofing? What does it protect against? Strips of foam and plastic around the doors and windows stop the draughts of cold air blowing in. This reduces heat loss through convection.
What is a hot water tank jacket? What does it protect against? Lagging such as fiber glass wool reduces conduction and radiation
What are U-values? They show us how fast heat transfers through a material
What does a higher U-value mean? Heat transfers faster through the material
The better the insulator... ... the lower the U-value
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