Testing Medicinal Drugs

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What happens in the first stage of drug testings? Drugs are tested on human cells and tissues, however, you can't use cells and tissues for drugs that will effect the whole body system
What happens in the next stage of drug testings? Drugs get tested on live animals, to see if it works, is toxic and the dosage required
What happens in the third stage of drug testings? Human trials. The drugs is firstly tested on a healthy volunteer. If this proves positive it is then tested on someone with the actual disease.
Give an example of a drug that was not properly tested but released to the public. Thalidomide
What was Thalidomide intended as? A sleeping pill but later it was also found effective in relieving morning sickness in pregnant women
What was bad about Thalidomide? It could pass through the placenta and affect the fetus, causing abnormal limb growth
What has Thalidomide been used for recently? Treatment of leprosy
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