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List five things that can be found in a human cell. Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell membrane, Mitochondria and Ribosomes
What is the nucleus? Contains genetic material that controls the activities of the cell
What is Cytoplasm? Gel-like substance where most of the chemical reactions happen.
What is the cell membrane? Holds the cell together ad controls what goes in and out
What is Mitochondria? Where most of the reactions for respiration take place
What is respiration and why is it important for cells? Respiration is a chemical reaction that provides energy, making your cells work
What is the Ribosomes? Where proteins are made in the cell
List 3 extra things a plant cell has, over an animal cell. Cell wall, Permanent vacuole and chloroplasts
What does the cell wall do? Supports the cell and strengthens it
What are chloroplasts? Where photosynthesis occurs which makes food for the plant. They contain chlorophyll
Name a single cell organism. Yeast
Name a cell that has no nucleus. Bacteria
Draw an animal cell.
Draw a plant cell.
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