Specialized Cells

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Give three ways a Palisade Leaf cell is adapted for photosynthesis. 1) Packed with Chloroplasts 2) Tail shape means a lot of surface area is exposed to the sun 3) Thin shape means more can fit into a leaf
What are guard cells adapted for? Open and close pores
How does a guard cell being kidney shaped help the plant? It can open and close the stomata (pores) in a leaf
How does a guard cell cope when the plant has a lot of water? The G. cell fills up with water and goes plump and turgid. This makes the Stomata open so gasses can be exchanged for Photosynthesis
How does the guard cell cope when the plant is lacking in water? The G. cells loose water and become flaccid making the stomata close. This helps stop too much water vapor from escaping
How does a guard cell respond to light? They close at dark to save water without loosing out on photosynthesis
What are Red Blood cells adapted for? To carry oxygen
Give three reasons why the red blood cell is adapted for its job. 1) Concave shape gives it a big surface area 2) Packed with hemoglobin 3) They have no nucleus to leave even more room for haemoglobin
Draw a sperm cell.
Draw a Palisade cell
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