The Munich Putsch

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List four reasons why the Nazis tried to take power in Munich in 1923. 1) There was a right wing government 2) The Nazis had the SA and 55000 supporters 3) Hitler has a close connection to an army General 4) The Weimar Republic was unpopular
Why did the Munich Putsch fail? The Nazis failed to get support from the Munich Government, the police or the army- and Hitler was imprisoned
Why was the Munich Putsch a success? Hitlers trial was a major propaganda victory which lead to election success. Hitler also dictated his book which became a bestseller
Give four reasons why the years of 1924-1929 were difficult years for the Nazi party? 1) The economy had improved 2) The war hero Hindenburg was President which made the republic more popular 3) The Nazis lost popularity 4) The Nazis won only 12 seats in the Reichstag
Give four reasons how the Nazi party was reorganized. 1) Split into regions 2) big companies gave the party money 3) The SA was expanded to 400000 men and the SS was set up 4) Propaganda became more effective
What was the SS? An elite Nazi bodyguard
When was the SS formed? 1925
How did the Nazis make propaganda more effective? 1) It had clear messages and images 2) Close links with newspapers allowed the spread more easily 3) New technology was used
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