Health and Social Care

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What are the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack? -Coughing -Shortness of breath -Wheeze -Heavy chest -shakiness -Cyanosis -Anxious
How should you treat someone who is having an asthma attack? Give them their inhaler if they have it, calm them down and reassure them, if inhaler doesn't work then call 999.
What is the difference between a burn an a scald? Burn - caused by dry heat e.g fire Scald - liquid, moist heat e.g boiling water
What are the signs and symptoms of a burn? Patient tells you that it hurts and the area around the burn starts to go red and blister.
what is the definition of choking? A foreign object stuck in the throat
what are the signs and symptoms of a mild choke? casualty able to speak, cry, cough,breath
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Health and Social Care
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