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Expected Knowledge of CCIFP Certification Exam
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ICCIFP Sample Questions (taken from
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Applying paper to walls and ceilings level 1
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Chemistry Equations / Maths
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Bricklaying terminology
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Health & Safety Signs
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Unit 215. Preparation of surfaces. Level 2
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ICCIFP Sample Questions
ECZ Test
Sources of damp
Question Answer
A litre of paint covers 6 m². How many litres would you need for an area of 30 m²? f751d976-b6af-4c60-a4c9-f55c618f25a9.png (image/png) 5 litres
A man buys 10 lengths of timber, each 3.25 m. long. What is the total length? 92622bb7-f132-4db2-b957-50776b14e132.png (image/png) 32.5 m
A pallet of roof tiles covers 40 m². How many pallets would you need for a roof area of 100 m²? 72cba95c-a8a7-4cd9-9381-fad35da88d66.png (image/png) 3 pallets
A roll of roof felt covers 5 m². How many rolls would you need for 120 m²? 15dfc606-6236-45a5-8892-b46aa001e119.png (image/png) 24 rolls
A job requires 35 m of guttering. How many whole lengths will you need to order to have enough for the job? 5cd08754-f0bd-4430-9882-5bd6600c2474.png (image/png) 12 lengths
What is the volume of the pad of concrete 5 m x 12 m x 0.3 m? dd7e7920-7c11-4ff1-8eb2-3faec8b7e62c.png (image/png) 18 cubic metres
If a load of concrete was mixed at 7.15 am. What is the final setting time? 0b88fb83-f229-495e-9326-f12a9fdb5a08.png (image/png) 5.45 pm
A concrete mix is made from cement, sand and aggregate in the ratio of 1:2:4. If you use 8 shovels of sand, how much cement and aggregate would you need? 589f65e9-047b-41bc-adc0-b981e407586e.png (image/png) 4 shovels of cement 16 shovels of aggregage