Iraq - The Bush Doctrine

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Question Answer
What did Steve Coll say that Cinton had the possibility of doing once? Killing UBL in a cruise missile strike
Which Greek Historian and General had something to say about statesmanship? Thucydides
What did Thucydides say that states are under? "under an innate compulsion to rule when empowered"
What Thucydides say states expand in? "states expand in the absence of countervailing power"
What did Bush say about the promotion of liberty? The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands
What does John Thompson say Bush presented as vital to US security? Democracy promotion
What does Monten say the Bush Doctrine isn't? New!
What does Monten say the Bush doctrine is an operationalization of? Neo-Conservatism
What is Hegemonic Stability Theory? Indicates that the international system is more likely to remain stable when a single nation-state is the dominant world power, or hegemon
What is Uni-Polarity? A distribution of power in which one state exercises most of the cultural, economic, and military influence
What is Prospect Theory? A theory that people value gains and losses differently and, as such, will base decisions on perceived gains rather than perceived losses. Thus, if a person were given two equal choices, one expressed in terms of possible gains and the other in possible losses, people would choose the former
What was the Lodge Corollary? US policy to stop other nations buying up large areas of land in hemisphere
When was the Lodge Corollary? 1912
What did Bush announce in his 2002 State of the Union address? The Axis of Evil
Who made up the Axis of Evil? Iraq, Iran, North Korea
What did NSS 2002 say about technology, terrorism, and rouge states? Crossroads of radicalization and technology
How did the Toronto Globe and Mail describe the Bush Doctrine? "A Monroe Doctrine for the entire planet"
How did The Observer describe the Bush Doctrine? "US is now declaring in this document the ‘manifest destiny’ of Americas to exercise good across the world"
What is the acronym for remembering Jervis's four points of the Bush Doctrine? ODUP
What does Jervis's ODUP stand for? Opportunity (to change the world), Deterrence (now incompatible with threat), Unilateral (US happy to go it alone), Primacy (US must use its hegemonic status)
Which author wrote about the Bush Doctrine, and what was his article? Jonathan Monton - The Roots of the Bush Doctrine
What does Monten say the Bush Doctrine is central to? The US identity and national purpose
When was NSS 2002 released? 17th September 2002
What UN article did NSS 2002 draw on for self-defence? UN Article 51
What does NSS 2002 redefine? Pre-emption
What is pre-emption? Targeting threats before they are fully formed
Who wrote about pre-emption, and what was the article? Lawrence Freedman - Prevention, Not Pre-Emption
What are the pros of the Bush Doctrine? Swift response. Clinton response failed
What are the cons of the Bush Doctrine? Sets precedent for others, Binary view
What numonic outlines what feeds into the Bush Doctrine? WM-NUT
What does WM-NUT stand for? Wilsonianism. Monroeism. Uni-Polarity. Neo-Conservatism. IT Threat
What is the Bush Doctrine? Essentially NSS 2002
What is the Monroe Doctrine? (3 points) Stop European meddling in South America. Increasing US sphere of influence. Take over states guilty of Chronic Wongdoing
When was the Monroe Doctrine? 1823