Indo/Pak - Superpower Involvement

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Which author discusses India's decision making? Rudra Chaudhuri
What does Chaudhuri say India's decisions are based on? Strategic Culture of not asking for help and valuing independence
What was the motivation of the SU interest in India? Contain spread of Chinese influence
What was the name of the Indo/Soviet treaty? Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation
When was the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation 1971
What was the name of the short lived defence organisation for the region? SEATO - South East Asia Treaty Organisation
What was the second defence pact in the region? The Baghdad Pact
How did alignment look during the Cold War? Pakistan - Aligned to US. India - Non Alligned
What was the US interest in the region? Containment of Communism
What two things did the US use Pakistan for? Intelligence bases (U2 and SIGINT) for spying on SU. Also wanted to use PAK for defence of ME
What did the US's linkages to Pakistan do to India? Deeply alienated them, forced them towards SU
What did the US provide to Pak to help with Containment? What did the Paks use them for? Use provided arms, Pak used them to fight India
What were the Northern Tier states? Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan
What was the purpose of the Northern Tier? Protect ME from SU
How did the Paks use US? Spun to look like anti-communist - really interested in countering India