Vietnam - Escalation Part 1

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Question Answer
What's the key stat with Rolling Thunder? More bombs dropped than during WWII
What did the arrival of ground troops and beginning of Rolling Thunder in 1965 signify? America was fatally committed to a quagmire war from which there was no easy escape
When was the White Paper? February 1965
What did the 1965 White Paper do? Painted the north as the enemy. Wasn't just a southern rebellion
What was the important NSAM in 1965? NSAM 328
What did NSAM 328 permit? More active use of US troops
When two tactics were introduced to combat the NLF? Search and Destroy, and Free Fire Zones
What is the statistic on Search and Destroy? Only one in a hundred made contact with the enemy
Who's got the good quote on Search and Destroy? What does he say? Spencer Tucker - Safest place was inside Search and Destroy
What did LBJ want to concentrate on as President? Great Society
What was LBJs shortcomings? Not great at IR and a bit of a racist
What was the Busch quote about LBJ's choices? Deepening US involvement left LBJ with the choice of humiliating defeat or disastrous escalation in 1965
Which of Johnson's advisor's were pro-war? McNamara and Bundy
Which of Johnson's advisor's were anti war? Ball and Fullbright
What was the first Vietnam NSAM of Johnson's? NSAM 273
When was NSAM 273? 26th November 1963
What did NSAM 273 call for? Withdrawal by 1965, escalation of assistance to Vietnam, covert action
What and when was the major incident...? Gulf of Tonkin Attacks, August 1964
Why was Gulf of Tonkin controversial? It may not have happened
What did the Gulf of Tonkin attacks lead to? When was this? Gulf of Tonkin resolution, 7th August 1964
What did the Gulf of Tonkin resolution give the President? all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the armed forces of the US and to prevent further aggression
What and when was the events which McNamara dubbed 'the two fateful decisions' Early 1965 - Bombing of North and deploying ground troops
When did Rolling Thunder start? March 1965