Costal Zone

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The fetch The area of water on the sea that wind blows over. The bigger the fetch, the more powerful the wave.
Swash The movement of waves up the beach.
Backwash The movement of waves back down the beach.
Erosion When material is broken down and the eroded material is moved away.
Hydraulic Action When waves push water in to cracks in rocks and trapped air (under pressure) forces the cracks further apart.
Abrasion When waves hurl fragments of rock at a cliff face.
Attrition When rocks collide and break up into small pieces.
Solution (erosion) Rocks are dissolved by sea water.
Weathering When rock is broken down (but isn't moved away).
Freeze-thaw Weathering When water gets into cracks in rocks freezes, expands and weaken the rocks. When this happenes repeatedly it breaks rocks up into smaller pieces.
Chemical weathering When weak acids in rain water dissolve rocks.
Biological weathering When animals and plants break up rocks into smaller pieces by burrowing into them or through the growth of their roots.
Traction Heavy particles rolled along the seabed.
Solution (transport) The transport of dissolved rock within sea water.
Saltation A hopping movement of pepples along the seabed.
Suspension Lighter particles are carried (suspended) within the water.
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