Chapter 5 Vocabulary

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Balance scale/baker's scale A balance scale weighs dry ingredients in the bake shop area.
Balance Scale/ Baker's scale
Bimetallic stemmed thermometer These thermometers are useful for checking large or thick food.
Bimetallic stemmed thermometer
Digital Scale A precise scale used to measure weight. Provides a digital readout in both U.S. and metric systems.
Digital Scale
Scoop This short-handled measuring utensil scoops out soft food, such as ice cream, butter, and sour cream. These portion scoops come in various sizes.
Thermocouple An accurate thermometer that measures temperature in thick or thin food instantly.
Countertop Blender Used to purée, liquefy, and blend food. The blender consists of a base that houses the motor and a removable lidded jar with a propeller-like blade in the bottom.
Countertop Blender
Immersion Blender Also known as a hand blender, stick blender, or burr mixer. It is a long, stick-like machine that houses a motor on one end of the machine with a blade on the other end. This operates in the same manner as a countertop blender to purée and blend food, except that a cook holds it manually in a container of food, whereas a countertop blender contains the food itself.
Immersion Blender
Food Chopper Chops vegetables, meat, and other food using a vertical rotating blade and a bowl that rotates the food under the blade. This unit is often called a buffalo chopper.
Food Chopper
Food Processor A processing machine that houses the motor separately from the bowl, blades, and lid. Food processors grind, puree, blend, crush, and knead food.
Food Processor
Horizontal cutter mixer (HCM) This mixer cuts, mixes, and blends food quickly with a high-speed horizontal rotating blade that is housed in a large bowl with a tight cover.
Horizontal Cutter Mixer (HCM)
Mandoline A manually operated slicer made of stainless steel with adjustable slicing blades to slice and julienne. Its narrow, rectangular body sits on the work counter at a 45-degree angle. It is useful for slicing small quantities of fruit or vegetables, situations where a large electric slicer isn't necessary.
Meat Grinder A free-standing machine or an attachment for a standing mixer. Food is dropped in through a feed tube, pulled along by a metal worm, and then cut by blades as the food is forced out through the grinder plate.
Meat Grinder
Meat Slicer Most have a slanted circular blade. Food either passes through the machine automatically, or a cook pushes a hopper holding the product along a carriage into the blade. The thickness of the slicer is set by increasing and decreasing the distance between the guide plate and the blade.
Meat Slicer
Mixer Available in 5-quart, 20-quart, 60-quart, and 80-quart sizes. Used to mix and process large amounts of food with any number of specialized attachments, including paddles, wire whips, dough hooks, meat grinders, shredders, slicers, and juicers.
Flat beater Paddle Used in a mixer to mix, mash, and cream soft food items.
Flat Beater Paddle
Wire Whip Used in a mixer to beat and add air to light food items, such as egg whites and cake frosting.
Wire Whip
Wing Whip A heavier version of the wire whip; used in a mixer to whip, cream, and mash heavier food items.
Wing Whip
Pastry Knife (paddle) Used in a mixer to mix shortening into dough.
Pastry Knife (paddle)
Dough Arm (hook) A mixture attachment used to mix heavy, thick dough.
Dough Arm (hook)
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