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What is software? A software is a program that is ran by the computer and is downloaded
What is an Operating System? The Operating system is the software that manages the hardware on the computer. Examples: Windows, Linux, Android, Apple OS X and iOS
What is a GUI (Graphical User Interface)? A GUI is a visual interface that operating systems use. They consists of icons, pointer and menus.
What is Utility software? Utility software/tools add extra functions to an operating system and add the ability to carry technical tasks. Examples: Disk Management, Backups, Computer Analysing, Disk compression and defragmentation, Anti-virus
What is application software? Application software allows users to carry out useful tasks such as writing reports, surfing the web or using e-mail.
What are the main types of application software? + Word Processing + Desktop Publishing + Spreadsheet + Database Management +Presentation/Slideshow + Photo-Editing/Graphics +Video Editing + Web Browsers + Gaming Software
What devices are both output and input? + Touchscreen + Modern Printers + Modern Webcams
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