Vietnam - Escalation Part 2

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Question Answer
When was the Tet Offensive? January 1968
What was the US kill ratio during Tet? 1:10
What did the North intend to achieve with the Tet Offensive? Spur uprisings in the South
What was the result of the Tet offensive? A tactical victory for the US, but a strategic failure, as it showed that the North were not defeated
HOW did WHICH journalist describe the situation post Tet? Walter Cronkite - "We are mired in stalemate"
WHEN did the Pentagon decide to do WHAT in Vietnam? (withdrawal) De-Americanise - 1968
When did Johnson announce that he wasn't running for re-election? March 1968
What two factors did the US over rely on? The effectiveness of the ARVN, and their tactics (which were often counter-productive)
What did Free-Fire Zones do? Helped render over 4 million South Vietnamese homeless by 1968
What year did US troop numbers peak? How many were there? 1968 - 536K
What was the Chinese interest in Vietnam? Which war demonstrated this? China would not tolerate unfriendly powers on its borders. The Korean War showed this
How did North Vietnam use the USSR and China? Exploit their rivalry for support
How many troops did China send to assist? 300k
Why did the Soviets assist the North? Saw itself as the leader in the Communist world
What did the North avoid with the superpowers? Becoming over reliant on one