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Who were the Vietcong? South Vietnamese people who fought for communism in the south
Who was Ho Chi Minh? Communist leader of North Vietnam
What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail? A trail used to supply VC troops in the South with resources from the North
3 theories of Guerrilla Warfare Smaller forces could resist stronger ones Needed public support Harassing or weakening the enemy
What did Guerilla tactics consist of? Ambushing and harassing Setting booby traps/landmines Dressing like peasants
What was the Strategic Hamlet Program? A program that involved moving peasants from Vietcong controlled areas to south governed areas
What was the Tet Offensive? A major communist offensive on over 100 towns and cities. A loss for the communists but a major shock for the Americans. Large losses on both sides.
What was Operation Rolling Thunder? A major bombing operation.
What was agent orange? A chemical weapon used to destroy forest. Burnt flesh and bone on contact.
What was Napalm? An incendiary device that stuck on contact and burns at extremely high temperatures.
Guerilla warfare quote When the enemy attacks... you retreat. When the enemy retreats, you advance, when the enemy stand still, you harass, when the enemy sleeps, you attack.
Why did America lose the Vietnam war? (4 points) Guerilla warfare was a new tactic to the US and so they were unprepared. The Vietnamese people were un-supportive of the Americans. Vietnam was unknown territory to the US but the Vietcong knew the terrain. Unexpected duration of war - US thought they would win quickly.
US death toll 58,000
Vietnamese death toll 3.1 million
What was the "hearts and minds" tactic Attempts to persuade the North Vietnamese to resist the Vietcong Helped protect Vietnamese people and rebuild schools etc to win support
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