Developmental psychology

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IB developmental psychology (option)

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Developmental psychology
  1. Biological, cognitive and sociocultural factors and influence on human development
    1. Biological
      1. Deprivation
        1. Hormone-based psychosexual differentiation theory
        2. Cognitive
          1. Attatchment
            1. Hazan and Shaver
              1. Ainsworth and Bowlby
              2. Gender Schema Theory
                1. Erikson
              3. Sociocultural
                1. Vugotsky
                  1. Building resilliance
                    1. Gender roles
                      1. Fa'fa'fine
                      2. Ferron
                    2. Evaluate theories of cognitive development
                      1. Piget
                        1. Strengths
                          1. children at diff. ages process info differently
                            1. new thinking
                            2. emphisis- teacher facilliataor not disperser of knowledge
                            3. Weaknesses
                            4. Vygotsky
                              1. Neurobiological
                                1. Strengths
                                  1. shows connection - deprived stimulation and poor brain development
                                    1. evidence for suitable educational opp. can enhance brain dev.
                                    2. Weaknesses
                                      1. non-experimental, no causeeffect
                                        1. no longitudinal studies
                                    3. Evaluate research in dev. psych (theories and/or studies)
                                      1. Piget
                                        1. Vugotsky
                                          1. Politt
                                            1. Bowlby
                                              1. Studies of deprivation
                                                1. David Reimer
                                                  1. Bandura - SLT andgender roles
                                                    1. Erikson's identity crisis
                                                    2. How social and environmental variables effect cog. dev.
                                                      1. Attatchment in chiildhood
                                                        1. Role of childhood attatchment in subsequent relationships
                                                          1. Potential effects of deprivation or trauma on development
                                                            1. Define resilience
                                                              1. Strategies to build resilience
                                                                1. Formation and development of gender roles
                                                                  1. Cultural variations in gender roles
                                                                    1. Describe adolescence
                                                                      1. Relationship between physical change and development of identity during adolescence
                                                                        1. Examine research into adolescence
                                                                          1. Research methods
                                                                            1. Longitudinal research
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