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Ethics Health Record Management Medical Law

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Ethics study of rightness and wrongness of human conduct and character
Morality social conventions about right and wrong human conduct - conformity to the rules of right conduct
Which organization created and maintains the Rad Tech Code of Ethics? ARRT
Norm a standard set by members of a profession
Which organization sets the standards of practiced behaviors by the members of the profession? ASRT
What are the 4 steps of ethical dilemma analysis? 1. identify the problem 2. develop alternative solutions 3. select the best solution 4. defend your selection
What's the difference between legal rights and moral rights? legal rights are your undeniable rights, moral rights are justified by moral rules and principles
Beneficence perform actions that will benefit your patient
Nonmaleficence Do no harm
Autonomy Respect your patient's independence
Veracity Be truthful
Fidelity Be faithful
Justice treat every patient with fairness and equality
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996
Health records must be recorded in ____ INK
Assault Any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury on another person
Battery Any unlawful touching or another that is without justification or excuse
False Imprisonment *most common claim against healthcare workers* Conscious restraint of the freedom of a person without proper authorization, privilege, or consent
Fraud Willful and intentional misrepresentation of facts that may cause harm to an individual or result in loss of an individual right or property
Negligence Failure to use such care as a reasonably prudent person would use under like or similar circumstances
___ of all medical negligence claims are related to diagnostic imaging. 10%
Res Ipsa Loquitur "It speaks for itself" A patient is injured through no fault of his own while in the complete control of another Ex: surgeon leaves hemostat inside body
Respondeat Superior "Master speaks for the servant" If the rad tech is sued, it's likely the physician and hospital will be sued as well
Informed Consent The patient knows what they are signing a consent for
Dictation Interpretation
Dx Code Diagnosis Code Why the patient is here ICD-9-CM
Procedure Code What the patient is having done CPT
Tort private or civil wrong or injury patient complains they have been wronged
Defamation maintain patient confidentiality -slander -libel
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