Functionalist approach to Family and the Household

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Sociology Functionalist perspective on the Family and Household (The Simpsons example) 2d1d1fd9-b065-407a-8393-7ea87c62a954.jpg (image/jpg)
What do functionalist overall think of the family? They perceive the family to be a really important part of societies system
List the four functions part of Murdock's four function model 1) Stable Sexual Satisfaction 2) Reproduction 3) Primary Socialisation 4) Financial Stability
Provide a strength for Murdock's four function model There is heavy evidence to support Murdock's theory. Firstly, he studied 250 different cultures/societies and found evidence of these functions in each of these areas
Is Murdock's theory in date? (Develop your answer) Murdock's theory is dramatically out of date. Feminism has impacted western societies greatly and has shown evidence of women independence not having an intense negative social stigma. Also, there are now other types of 'family' such as same sex relationships and cohabitation which doesn't require the same functions.
Describe the two types of society, according to Parsons 1) Pre-industrial = Extended family fits best 2) Industrial = Nuclear family fits best