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Different ways experimental data can be analysed and the strengths and weaknesses of the methods.

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What are the weaknesses of a correlational analysis? It can't be used to show cause and effect and can only be used to show linear relationships.
What are behavioural categories? Whether it is a qualitative or quantitative analysis.
What are pre-existing categories? The researcher decides on the categories before starting.
What are emergent categories? The categories/themes that emerge when examining data.
What is a correlation coefficient? A number between -1 and +1 that tells us how closely the co-variable in a correlational analysis are related.
What is content analysis? An observational study in which behaviour is observed indirectly in written or verbal material such as books, interviews ect. Behaviour is categorised and may be counted.
What are the strengths of content analysis? High ecological validity because the real communications are current and relevant, sources can be retained and accessed by others so findings can be replicated and tested for reliability.
What are the weaknesses of content analysis? Likely to be culture biased because interpretation will be affected by the language and behavioural categories used, observer bias reduces objectivity and validity.
What is a meta-analysis? A combination of different studies' results. The studies had similar aims.
What are the strengths of a meta-analysis? Effective size because DV = measure of strength and relationship between 2 variables = more reliable conclusion.
What are the weaknesses of a meta-analysis? Studies sampled can vary considerably and aren't always comparable, conclusions aren't always valid.
What is a correlational analysis? Determining the extent of a relationship between 2 variables. Co-variables will display different types of correlation.
What are the strengths of a correlational analysis? It can be used to analyse trends and associations.
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