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The definitions, advantages and disadvantages of questionnaires, interviews and the like.

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What is a questionnaire? Data collected through the use of written questions, which can be open, closed or in rating scale format.
What are the strengths of questionnaires? They collect a range of data, specific questions = specific answers which make coding easier, high reliability, quick and easy to conduct.
What are the weaknesses of questionnaires? They lack detail, participants might lie if a question is too personal, can lack validity so it's harder to generalise and social desirability bias can affect results if it's not done anonymously.
What is an interview? When the investigator asks the participant questions face to face.
What are the strengths of an interview? There is more detail as participants can explain answers, high validity and it's easier to understand answers.
What are the weaknesses of an interview? There's lots of data so it's harder to analyse, interviewer effect, unnecessary data and low in reliability.
Name and define the 3 different types of interview. Structured - the questions are decided in advance. Semi-structured - has pre-determined questions but might go off topic. Eg: clinical interview. Unstructured - it starts out with some general aims and possibly some questions and lets the answers guide subsequent questions.
What is social desirability bias? A tendency for participants to respond in a way that'll present them in a better, more socially acceptable light regardless of personal preference.
What is interviewer bias? The effect of an interviewer's expectations communicated unconsciously on a respondent's behaviour.
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