Renewable Energy Sources #1

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Energy Sources & power Stations
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Renewable Energy Sources #2
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Renewable Energy Sources #4
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Renewable Energy Sources #3
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The Cost of Electricity
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Choosing Electrical Appliances
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Question Answer
How does a wind turbine work? Each wind turbine has its own generator. The electricity is generated directly from the wind turning the blades, which turn the generators
Give three positive aspect of using wind turbines. 1) There's no pollution 2) There are no fuel costs 3) There's no permanent damage to the landscape
Give three negatives, regarding using wind turbines. 1) They spoil views 2) They can be noisy 3) The initial cost is high
Give two appliances that work reasonably well with solar panels. Watches and calculators
Give three positives for solar panels. 1) Theres no pollution 2) In sunny countries they are very reliable 3) After the initial costs are paid, energy is free and there is no running cost
Give two negatives about using solar panels. 1) Its often not practical or too expensive to connect to the national grid 2) The initial costs are high