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ID ALL BONE CELLS BONE FORMATION a0836a77-42a8-4154-9b26-55a2f5c1a11f.jpeg (image/jpeg) ID ALL BONE CELLS AND FORMATION intramembranous formation around tooth germs
where are osteocytes osteoblasts osteoclasts 6fb131c8-02e2-402e-bb8a-e4f9e98623d6.jpeg (image/jpeg) trapd cells osteocyte blasts build clasts-eat away bone
identify 94317811-ee54-44b0-ba55-5b73743823ec.jpeg (image/jpeg) ?
Enter text here... 528337ac-5d79-4b13-b1f4-d7794eac698e.jpeg (image/jpeg) articulate cartilage primary ossification center epiphyseal plate secondary ossi center
Enter text here... a15e3e3c-f3fe-4cdc-8125-6e67f9f37b29.jpeg (image/jpeg) 1 chondrocyte 2. enlarged chondrocyte hypertrophy 3. calcified matrix 4. chondroclast 5. osteocyte 6. osteoblasts 7. osteoclasts
Enter text here... 03571113-d69b-45c0-b27a-0b8eec0a71c0.jpeg (image/jpeg) 1. 2. proliferation 3. hypertrophy enlarged 4. 5. calcified cartilage matrix and osteoblasts
Enter text here... 8e18f0d1-9f52-4a1f-aacc-5bcba8bd8ce4.jpeg (image/jpeg) 1. compact bone 2. periosteum 3. articulate cartilage (hyaline)
Enter text here... ac7241b9-face-4809-916d-0aeee87ba920.jpeg (image/jpeg) 4e. osteoblasts 4c. calcified cartilage matrix 4b. hypertrophy 4a proliferation Resting
Enter text here... 4d779b66-b34b-4f4f-ae4d-37d131a64452.jpeg (image/jpeg) endochondrial ossification fibrocartilage
identify bone growth find osteoclasts 7db2228d-b6ec-4c3b-840d-6ef179b5c466.jpeg (image/jpeg) endochondrial ossification osteoclasts have many nuclei
Enter text here... 3d5829cc-9b6e-4e38-acad-e1122dd91f4d.jpeg (image/jpeg) r. resting cartilage p. proliferation h. hypertrophy c. calcification H&E
Enter text here... 4fc3a8ab-9124-4a02-8d5d-b18375ac4aa5.jpeg (image/jpeg) p. proliferation h. hypertrophy c. calcificationof matrix H&E STAINS
what is at ends of red arrows f55f2e65-4a94-4c96-948e-e928f7408219.jpeg (image/jpeg) epiphyseal plate not calcified so still cartilage
type of cartilage? which skull is younger? 9184a64f-4439-447c-85dc-cfcdd222e872.jpeg (image/jpeg) hyaline cartilage right side skull younger because it's wider... it hasn't calcified yet
what tissue? young or old person? 8e6b2fa4-8133-43fe-ae66-1b95f1bc1673.jpeg (image/jpeg) hyaline cartilage young MRI
which one is older? 7f2049e9-6975-4bc2-887a-92c91e89a970.jpeg (image/jpeg) older b/c calcified she said one on left it older
identify arrows d2e1c63a-6da7-4c9b-b12f-fa6ab3f264d5.jpeg (image/jpeg) clasts and blasts
Enter text here... 1c06fbfe-d3a9-4dbf-9b54-f4748c0ada86.jpeg (image/jpeg) dark blue Clasts (left side) right side osteoblasts
which disease does this represent 8f9d6841-8db3-4253-8c3d-73a77b7b45a4.jpeg (image/jpeg) osteomalacia ca deficiency in adult partial decalcification of already calcified matrix
A is B shows? 33aefc99-8dc8-4fc0-9f04-42fd7361b15c.jpeg (image/jpeg) A)normal bone B) osteoporosis
identify arrows right to left on top fbe70ebd-01c2-485a-bf3e-84cede9f3e08.jpeg (image/jpeg) periosteum perichondrium articulate cartilage
identify arrows on bottom right to left aa6c13e1-a341-4a0a-a693-c277bc9d8cc8.jpeg (image/jpeg) joint capsule synovial cavity synovial membrane
DEFINE GIANTISM excess of GH in children, Gplates keep growing, excessive growth of LONG BONES
what is Intramembranous ossification by direct mineralization of matrix secreted by osteoblasts
Acromegaly is excess of GH in adults, Gplates already closed, long bones become thicker, bigger hands, bigger feet, changingshoe size in a few month
Dwarfism--- lack of GH in children to stimulate the overall growth, especially thatof epiphyseal plates
Osteoporosis-- decrease in bone mass caused by decreased bone formation, increased bone resorption, or both, found in immobilized patients and in postmenopausal women
Osteomalacia is (soft)– Ca deficiency in adults, recently formed bone not calcified enough, or partial decalcification of already calcified matrix
Rickets Rickets– Ca deficiency in children, notcalcified normally, distorted growth plate,bones grow slowly and deformed
scurvy is a lack of Lack vitamin C, essential for collagensynthesis, scurvy, weak bones/ligaments
calcium malnutrition results in Ca malnutrition results in bonedecalcification, easy to fracture, less densein X-rays
vitamin D is important for _____ absorption in intestines Lack vitamin D, important for Ca absorption in intestines
hyperparathyroidism causes Excess PTH in hyperparathyroidism can cause bone decalcification, resorption, toomuch in blood, abnormal Ca deposit inarterial walls, in kidneys as calculi/stones
calcitonin does what Calcitonin inhibits osteoclast activity orresorption, less Ca in blood, more to bone
osteoclast function defect causes? Osteoclast function defect, bone overgrowth, thickening, hardening
Respond to stress from orthodontic appliances, bone deposition happens where? Respond to stress from orthodontic appliances, bone deposition on the side where the traction is applied,
orthodontic bone resorption happens where? bone resorption where the pressure is exerted(opposite side),
in ortho the tooth moves toward the _______ side tooth is moved toward the resorbed side (osteoclasts side)
TURNOVER RATE FOR YOUNG AND OLD PEOPLE •The turnover rate is very active in young children– In young, more built up than broken down– In between, built up equals broken down–Older than 40, less built up than brokendown
Intracartilaginous/endochondralossification --- by depositon of bone matrix onpre-existing cartilage model
Step/Zones in endochondral osteogenesis 1. Resting zone 2. Zone of proliferation, columns/stacked 3. Zone of hypertrophy, enlarged cells, produceECM, cartilage grows interstitially 4. Zone of calcification of cartilage matrix, cells die 5. Zone of ossification, osteoprogenitor cells move in, dif into osteoblasts, lay down matrix appositionally on calcified cartilage matrix, trapped in own matrix, then become osteocytes 6. Resorption of new bone and calcified cartilage
Articular cartilage Articular cartilage– persists thru out adult life, does NOT contribute to bone growth in length
Epiphyseal plate or growth plate–responsible for Epiphyseal plate or growth plate–responsible for bone growth in length,disappears in adults, stop growing in height,remnants= epiphyseal lines