Cervical and Thoracic Spine Procedures

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b1cbbaa0-b071-4333-a05f-f8728b4a0e72.jpg (image/jpg) A. centrally located dens B. left transverse process C1 C. left lateral mass C1 D. inferior articular process C1 E. left atlantoaxial joint F. body of C2 G. right superior articular surface C2
030ca52e-2929-4323-a704-46f7bf779a15.jpg (image/jpg) A. T1 B. first rib C. C4 D. articular pillar of C3 E. spinous process of C2
e07a568a-ff79-4eae-a5cc-c2075cfa2ee3.jpg (image/jpg) A. Dens B. posterior arch of atlas (C1) C. body C3 D. zygapophyseal joint between C4-C5 E. body C7 F. spinous process C7
9f68aa8d-dd69-4fac-9ef1-90b521f27c50.jpg (image/jpg) A. posterior arch C1 B. intervertebral foramen C4-C5 C. pedicle C6 D. body C7
437f8265-b757-4f62-a570-68b06decce5f.jpg (image/jpg) A. first rib B. 10th rib C. spinous process T11 D. body T12 E. intervertebral disk space T8-T9 F. body T7 G. body T1
311a5a76-fc3f-41dc-86ff-fc6a19fc8989.jpg (image/jpg) A. body T3 B. body T7 C. intervertebral foramina T11-T12
ff89a662-b90a-4de6-a091-d2f7634ba154.jpg (image/jpg) A. EAM B. C1 C. C3 D. C4-C5 E. C7-T1
What makes the cervical vertebrae different from lumbar and thoracic? Transverse foramina Bifid tip on spinous process
Which thoracic vertebrae are "typical" vertebrae? T5-T8
Which thoracic vertebrae resemble lumbar vertebrae? T9-T12
Which thoracic vertebrae have facets for costotransverse joints of rib articulation? T1-T10
Which thoracic vertebrae resemble cervical vertebrae? T1-T4
What's the difference between the costovertebral joint and the costotransverse joint? COSTOTRANSVERSE: articulate with the tubercles of ribs COSTOVERTEBRAL: articulate with the head of ribs
Which ribs ONLY articulate at the costovertebral joints? 11 & 12
Which thoracic vertebrae have facets for rib articulation? T1-T12
The zygapophyseal joints of THORACIC vertebrae form an angle of ____ - ____ degrees from the MSP (midsagittal plane). 70-75
The zygapophyseal joints of CERVICAL vertebrae form an angle of ____ degrees to the MSP 90
Which projection best demonstrates the zygapophyseal joints of the CERVICAL vertebrae C2-C7? Lateral C-Spine
Which projection best demonstrates the zygapophyseal joints between C1 and C2? AP Open Mouth
Which projection best demonstrates the zygapophyseal joints of the THORACIC vertebrae? Posterior Obliques
Which projection of the THORACIC vertebrae best demonstrates the intervertebral foramina? LATERAL
Which CERVICAL vertebrae are considered "typical"? C3-C6
What are the names of the 3 foramina of ALL cervical vertebrae? Right Transverse Left Transverse Vertebral
Which cervical vertebrae have bifid tips on their spinous processes? C2-C6
Which projection of the CERVICAL spine best demonstrates the intervertebral foramina? 45 degree oblique with 15 cephalic angle
The joint between the inferior articular surface of C1 (atlas) and the superior articular surface of C2 (axis) is called _______ and is considered _____ and _____ meaning it has a plane/gliding movement ATLANTOAXIAL synovial diarthrodial
The joint between the dens C2 and the anterior arch C1 is called _______ and is considered _____ and _____ meaning it has a plane/gliding movement MEDIAL ATLANTOAXIAL synovial diarthrodial
The joint between the base of the skull and C1 is called ______ and is considered _____ and _____ ATLANTOOCCIPITAL Synovial Diarthrodial Ellipsoidal
The intervertebral joints between C2-T12 are considered ______ and _______ meaning they are slightly moveable Cartilaginous Amphiarthrodial
THORACIC LANDMARK: T1 1.5'' above the jugular notch same level of vertebral prominens
THORACIC LANDMARKS: T7 3-4'' below jugular notch
THORACIC LANDMARKS: T9-T10 Xiphoid Process/Tip
The spinal cord begins with the _______ Medulla Oblongata
The tapered end of the solid spinal cord is called ______ Conus Medullaris
How many bones does a NEWBORN have in the spinal column? 33
How many bones does an ADULT have in the spinal column? 26
Which spinal bones fuse as we age? 5 sacral segments 5 coccyx segments
SPINAL CURVES: First compensatory curve Concave Cervical
SPINAL CURVES: First primary curve Convex Thoracic
SPINAL CURVES: Second compensatory curve Concave Lumbar
SPINAL CURVES: Second primary curve Convex Sacral
Which way will you angle for each CERVICAL Oblique? Patient FACING YOU, angle towards their FACE: posterior obliques = cephalic Patient's BACK to you, angle towards their BACK: anterior obliques = caudal
Why should C-Spine projections be done with the patient erect? For alignment and ligament stability
Why do we use a 72 SID for C-SPINE lateral? improve image quality reduce magnification compensating for the OID
Why do we use an anterior oblique for C-SPINE oblique? To reduce patient dose to the eyes and thyroid
If the occipital bone overlies the dens, which positioning error occurred? The head is tilted backward
If the teeth are overlying the dens, what was the positioning error? The head is tilted forward
Why do we angle 15-20 cephalic for the AP C-Spine? better visualize the intervertebral disk spaces
The RAO oblique of C-Spine will demonstrate __________ Intervertebral Foramen closest to the IR
For the oblique C-Spine, rotate body and head ___degrees and extend chin to prevent mandible from superimposing vertebrae. Angle ____ degrees caudal or cephalic 45 15
Posterior obliques of the C-Spine will best demonstrate the ______ side. opposite
Where is the top of the IR placed for a cross table lateral C-Spine? 1-2'' above EAM
What's the positioning error? eed3d407-8b09-4e3c-a916-e69bdb6c4385.jpg (image/jpg) Head is over extended a9f042e5-ddaa-4a7a-94dc-38a5d12a57b0.jpg (image/jpg)
Positioning error? cb0b8cd5-5618-43b6-a3fc-86020575bdf4.jpg (image/jpg) Head is over flexed f96879b2-91e6-42a7-b5cf-4a8990e578eb.jpg (image/jpg)
Positioning error? 1671b370-459b-403e-a2af-0421870bd0b0.png (image/png) Incorrect tube angle 47648be8-f188-4205-8507-cf177187455a.jpg (image/jpg)
What's the positioning error? ccc17b92-f84b-4465-82c0-d0ccf95a028a.jpg (image/jpg) The neck is under extended Centering is off 56677da5-4305-4844-b383-4658160f4ea2.jpg (image/jpg)
Which structure is best visualized on this projection? 7db9497f-ecd5-4e32-ba62-f9641284cfe3.jpg (image/jpg) PA Axial Oblique: intervertebral foramina pedicles
Which structure is best visualized on this projection? 6955c2d5-dbeb-41d1-bc70-355881025dab.jpg (image/jpg) Lateral C-Spine: zygapophyseal joints intervertebral disk spaces
Which structures are best visualized on this projection? a5d0444d-26e1-4ccd-8a14-20f6949232d2.jpg (image/jpg) AP T-Spine: vertebral bodies intervertebral joint spaces transverse processes costovertebral articulations
This is an RPO C-Spine, which side of the patient are we visualizing? 8869cf24-db43-4b43-8db7-5ce1949ac46e.jpg (image/jpg) Left side pedicles and intervertebral foramina
This is a RAO C-Spine projection, which side of the patient are we visualizing? b2e395e6-76ab-4a59-a1ae-5b6546e7cf0e.jpg (image/jpg) Right side pedicles and intervertebral foramina
What other names refer to C1, C2, and C7? C1 - atlas C2 - axis C7 - vertebra prominens
What two typical vertebral parts are missing from the first cervical vertebrae? Body is replaced by the anterior arch 2 laminae spinous process
How are the transverse processes of cervical vertebrae significantly different from those of other cervical vertebrae? transverse foramina
With reference to the MSP, how do the zygapophyseal articulations of the cervical vertebrae open? 90 degrees from MSP
With reference to the MSP, how do the cervical intervertebral foramina open? 45 degrees from MSP
Which section of the vertebral column has costovertebral joints? T1-T12
Which section of the vertebral column has costotransverse joints? T1-T10
What should the Rad Tech do if the C7 vertebra is not well visualized on a lateral projection? Cervicothoracic Lateral "Swimmer's" Projection
An abnormal lateral curvature seen in the thoracolumbar spine is called ______ Scoliosis
The _____ are two bony aspects of the vertebral arch that extend posteriorly from each pedicle to join at the midline. Lamina
The _______ ______ are created by two small notches on the superior and inferior aspects of the pedicles Intervertebral Foramina
What joint is found between the superior and inferior articular processes? Zygapophyseal joint
The modified body of C2 _____ is also known as ________ Dens Ondontoid Process
What is the unique feature of all thoracic vertebra that distinguishes them from other vertebrae? rib articulations
Which two landmarks must be aligned for an AP Open Mouth projection base of skull and incisors
What is the purpose of the 15-20 degree cephalic angle for the AP Axial C-Spine? demonstrate intervertebral disk spaces
What CR angle is used for the anterior oblique projection of C-Spine? 15 caudal
Which foramina are demonstrated with a LPO position of the C-Spine Right side intervertebral foramina
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