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Question Answer
What is the generic fly life-cycle? Egg -> Larvae -> Pupae -> adult
Why did the attempted eradication of malaria not work? DDT resistance (potent insecticide) and poor surveillance.
Which agent transmits malaria? Female anopheles mosquito
What is the difference between eradication and control? Eradication is to eliminate the disease so it will not return, whereas control is to reduce the disease/pest to an acceptable level.
Which body system do most ectoparasitic drugs target? Neurotoxin.
Which four aspects of the CNS do ectoparasitic drugs target? GABA inhibitor, Na+ channel blocker, Cl- channel blocker and Choline esterase inhibitor.
Name some insect repellants? Pyrethrin, DEET and citronella
Name a Dessicant? Sodium Polyborate
Name a insectide with a synergist effect? Piperonyl Butoxide.
How does Piperonyl Butoxide work? Inhibits insect detox pathway, increasing available concentration of insecticide especially when used with pyrethrin.
Give an example of an insecticide dip used especially in cats? Lime-sulphur. Good for mites.
What is a deltamethrin collar good for? Sandflies, mozzies and ticks.
What is a imidacloprid/flumethrin collar good for? Fleas and ticks
How does nitenpyram differ from a spinosad? Nitenpyram is very rapid but very short acting wheras spinosad can last for up to a month.
Why do you need to give multiple environmental flea treatment? Because the pupae are unaffected by any drug so you wont have got whole population with first treatment.
What groups of ectoparasitic control are found in FrontlineCombo Juvenile growth hormone analogue in combo with an adulticide.
Why is it important if a louse is sucking or chewing? Because a systemic drug would be more effective for a sucking louse than a chewing one.
What is significant about the lifecycle of a ked. Whole life cycle on host.
What is a ked? Wingless, bloodfeeding fly.
What are midges and mosquitos vectors of? Bluetongue and schmallenburg.
What are sandflies a vector of? Leishmaniosis
What is a way to repel sandflies? Use a deltamethrin collar.
What is the scientific name for a hard tick? Ixodid
What is the scientific name for a soft tick? Argasid
Which tick is nidiculous? Argasid
What is significant about Ixodes ricinus ? It is ENDEMIC in UK and can trasmit Lyme disease, Louping Ill, Erhlicia and Babesia
What is Borrelia burgdoferi ? Lyme disease
What disease does Dermacentor reticulatus transmit? Babesia canis
What diseases do Rhipicephalus sanguineus trasmit? Babesia canis and Erhlicia
What is the most common Tick-borne disease in UK? Borreliosis
Describe the morphology of the Borrelosis agent? Spirochete
What animals does Louping Ill virus effect? Sheep and Grouse in upland areas.
Is Louping Ill notifiable? Nope - control is voluntary
What is the pathogenesis of Babesiosis? Intraerythrocytic protozoan parasite which results in destruction of RBCs and causes anaemia.
What is the most economically important arthropod-borne disease of cattle worldwide? Babesiosis caused by Babesia bovis
What strain of Babesia affects cattle in UK? Babesia divergens aka redwater fever.
What is the window between tick attachment and pathogen transfer? About 24hours
What is a mite life-cycle? Egg -> 6 legged larvae -> 8 legged nymph (1-3 stages) -> adult
What is the main host of sarcoptic mange? Dogs (fox reservoir - can be zoonotic)
What is the best treatment for sarcoptic mange? What is a downside? Amitraz bath but is a bit of a faff (weekly needed)
How does the age of the animal affect treatment for demodex? IN a young animal this will resolve with age however in an older animal dz is associated with immuno-incompetence therefore treat and investigate immunosuppression.
What is the agent for sheep scab? Psoroptes ovis
What is the best way to treat sheep scab? Dip (OP) + Injection (Moxidectin)
How does moxidectin differ in terms of withdrawal period cf doramectin and ivermectin? Withdrawal period is much longer.