Burning AA Skeletons

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When Is This Done? After protein rich meals or during short term starvation
Roles of AA Skeletons- Glucogenic Turned into pyruvate or enter the TCA cycle, so they produce glucose directly or indirectly by providing energy
Roles of AA Skeletons- Ketogenic AA that produce Acetyl CoA/Acetoacetate, which are used to make FAs
Roles of AA Skeletons- Both Some AA can do both, depending on the need
AA As Precursors- Use AA can be precursors for metabolically vital molecules
AA As Precursors- Argenine Polyamines
AA As Precursors- Histadine Used to make histamines
AA As Precursors- Aspartic Acid Pyramidines
AA As Precursors- Tyrosine Catecholamines
AA As Precursors- Tryptophan (Trp Dehydrogenase) Converts Trp to 5'HydroxyTrp
AA As Precursors- Tryptophan (Decarboxylase) 5'Hydroxytrp to Seratonin, which is used in sleep, mood and appetite
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