English Tetxspeak Terminology

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Fionnghuala Malone
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Question Answer
Acronymy The process off abbreviating that uses the first letter of a group of words. Pronounced as a single word. - Lol
Ampersand An abbreviation of and &
Emoticons Use of graphology- symbols to indicate mood or emotions which would otherwise entail long complex decisions - :) :P
Homophonic Representation Use of single letters and numbers to represent words based on a similarity in sound - M8 (Mate)
Initialism An abbreviation that used the first letter of a group of words and is pronounced as individual letters (cba - Can't be asked)
Phonetic spelling A spelling that represents the sound of a word as opposed to it's conventional spelling - cos (because)
Variant spelling Deliberatley non-standard spelling for effect - wot (what)
Vowel omission Leaving out vowel sounds in textspeak and other electronic communication. - pls (please)