Propositional Calculus

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What is the following symbol called: ¬ NEGATION
What is the following symbol called: ^ CONJUNCTION
What is the following symbol called: v DISJUNCTION
What is the following symbol called: = (three lines) EQUIVALENCE
What is the following symbol called: --> IMPLICATION
What is a propositional statement? Give example. Statement about the world to which truth value is assigned i.e. True or false. E.g. 'The keyboard has 21 keys'
What is the point in parentheses? Groups statements. This controls the order of evaluation.
What are 'P,Q,R,S' in relation to prop calculus (the name for them)? What is their use? Propositional Symbols. Used to represent propositional statements
What is it called when a truth value is assigned to a proposition INTERPRETATION
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