How to answer close reading questions

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Word Choice questions pick out a Single Word or a very Brief Phrase(1) + explain what idea/connotations this word adds (1)
Questions that test your understanding of what has been written -highlight where it says to use your own words (just to remind yourself) -find the answer on the page then highlight it so you remember the words you have to change -Plan for one clear mark per point
Questions on Tone Name the Tone(1) + quote an example and say how it builds up the identified tone(1)
useful tone words: Humorous/mocking/sarcastic/ ironic/chatty/conversational/ angry/emotive/serious/formal/ informal
Imagery questions -similies, metaphors + personification- "Just as...(literal meaning) so does(metaphorical meaning)(1) -Explain how the image helps the writer makes his point(1)
Sentence Structure questions -punctuation, sentence length, repitition, parenthesis, word order- Pick out the feature(1) Comment on its effect(1)
Language Feature questions -rhetorical questions, onomatopoeia, alliteration, hyperbole- Name the technique and quote where its used (1) + comment on its effect (1)
Linking questions Quote a phrase which links back to the ideas in the previous paragraph(stating that it does so) -Quote a phrase which links forward to key ideas in the next paragraph(stating that it does so)
Questions that ask 'How effective do you find...'(a conclusion or an image) Explain that it IS effective by saying how it performs one of the functions of a conclusion(sum up of ideas, final thought-provoking remark ect.)
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