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Why did Eighteenth century Britain seem progressive compared to other nations at the time? They had a relatively equal application of law, and their laws were very strict
What happened to Lord Ferrers and why was this significant? He was hanged for murdering his servant; this was significant as no one could escape the law.
Who were the middle class? People with marketable skills but were dependent on others for their clientship.
What was the difference between the upper class and the lower class? Lower class: people who were extremely poor and worked under people who were under the upper class Upper class: Mega-rich people who owned factories, etc.
What type of people did the middle class include? Doctors, lawyers, shopkeepers, clerks, etc.
What did this group of middle class people have in common? They had marketable skills that gained them a relatively high income.
What was the middle class dependent on? Other clients who were on need of their services.
How did the middle class affect the character of Britain and what were they influenced by? They affected the views on the issues on the time. They were usually affected by commercial interests.
Why did Napoleon call the English a nation of shopkeepers? As the middle-class had a lot of influence on Britain.
How did the Industrial Revolution bring about significant changes to Britains economy and society? They developed machines and steam power, which led to a faster production of goods in a larger community.
How was London's population affected between 1760 and 1815? The population increased from approx. 750 000 to 1.4 million
How were houses built during this period? They were built close to each other and were poorly costructed
Why did these areas become slums? This is due to overcrowded, increase in disease, excessive alcohol consumption, malnutrition.
What does breadline mean? The minimal amount of money you need to survive
Who used to make the decisions for the people during the medieval period? The nobility who owned the land
Because of the Industrial Revolution what happened when people moved to cities? They became unskilled workers which lead them to live under the breadline which in turn make them turn to crime to survive.
Why did crime increase during this period? Due to the extremely low income, the people have to turn to crime to survive as the money income they are receiving is not enough.
What were the major crimes in the late 18th century and early 19th century. Theft, burglary, highway robbery,etc.
Why did Britain stop sending prisoners to America in 1776? They declared independence over Great Britain
Why was Australia chosen as the new site of the penal colony? It was chosen due to its distance from Britain, the fact it gave them opportunity to get timber and flax, and to open trade routes with china.
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