Evangelism, Chapter 8, Evangelism in Paul's Teaching


Evangelism in Paul's Teaching
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Both Peter and Paul emphasized which three components of effective evangelism? What the believer says How the believer says it Whether the believer lives accordingly
Lifestyle evangelism is a necessary, but not exclusive, focus on developing friendships with nonbelievers and living consistent Christian lives
What three factors communicate our message as much as our words? Emotions, Attitudes, Actions
The Holy Spirit is effective in the believer's witness by empowering the choice of words, the manner in which words are used, and the life that backs them up
When cautioning the Corinthians regarding their focus on human ministers, Paul reminded them that God is the Source of all spiritual growth
The believer's central task in personal evangelism is to obey God's leading in sharing and nurturing the Word at every opportunity
God's Word exercise what four types of power? Regeneration Sanctification Transformation Multiplication (RSTM - really strong tight muscles)
The three components of Paul's mission were his Message Method & Means
What two factors are vital in personal witnessing Dependence & Discipline
When describing his ministry to the Colossians, Paul invited them to participate with him by supporting him in prayer
What three elements of a comprehensive gospel witness do both Paul and Peter identify? They identify the need for (1) correct content in personal evangelism (2) the need to back up that content with an effective manner of communication and a (3) lifestyle consistent with the message presented
How can the valuable concept of lifestyle evangelism be misused? as an excuse to avoid verbally sharing the gospel
What is a key component to giving our words vitality? We must be thoroughly convinced of the truth of our message and allow that conviction to be obvious
Why is Christian character vital to the communication of the gospel? Whether or not our lives back up the truth of the gospel can have a dramatic effect on whether or not a person will believe the gospel
What role does the Holy Spirit play in our effective gospel witness? 1. He guides us in the words we use 2. helps us to convincingly communicate 3. conforms our lives to the truth of the gospel
Is it wrong to express affection and respect for specific spiritual leaders? No, it is natural to honor people God has used to lead us into a relationship with Christ, but we should understand the supreme role of God himself in that process
What do the different types of soil in the Bible's planting analogies tell us about people? We cannot always assess if people are ready to respond to the gospel (good ground) but should communicate the truth to as many as possible
What is the believer's function int he task of evangelism? To communicate God's Word or plant and water the seed in obedience to God who causes it to grow
What is the source of power in the presentation of the gospel? Gods Word, the seed referenced in Paul's analogy, is that source of power
What types of power are attributed to God's Word? God's Word: Regenerates Sanctifies, Transports & Multiplies
What three components describe Paul's mission? Paul communicated the message of Jesus, using the method of warning and teaching, and relying on the means of dependence and discipline
What does it mean to apply both dependence and discipline in one's walk of faith? Dependence: let God do what only He can do Discipline: obey God and do what He of us
What is the best way to describe the partnership between God and the believer during a witnessing opportunity? Through a variety of circumstances, God divinely prepares the heart to receive the truth of the gospel. He asks the believer to obediently communicate he content of the gospel to the lost.
For what does Paul rely on the Colossians to contribute to the effectiveness of his ministry? Paul asks the Colossians to pray for his effectiveness in proclaiming the message of Christ
Besides speaking, what communication skill is vital to response evangelism? The believer needs to be listening and ready to answer the questions and recognize the spiritual needs of the lost (Lord, please show me the spiritual needs of the lost and help me to communicate by your Spirit)
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