Evangelism, Chapter 10, Motivation for Evangelism


Evangelism, Chapter 10, Motivation for Evangelism
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Most Christians who are reluctant to share the gospel are struggling with 10-1 lack of confidence and a belief that confidence is self-produced
The early church confidently shared the message of Christ because 10-2 of their faith in the relationship to each Person in the Trinity
Paul described his obligation to share the gospel as a debt owed to 10-3 all spiritually lost people, regardless of race of class.
Paul's evangelistic obligation was backed up by 10-4 his eagerness to share the gospel with the lost
A believer who unashamedly carries the gospel to the lost will 10-5 engage mind and emotions in full commitment to the task
My mad up card: What is the gospel? The good news. Tell people who Jesus is Tell people what Jesus has done Tell people that God has a plan for them
In general, Christians with a reputation for spiritual fervor and zealous evangelistic desire 10-6 are new believers
Paul's spiritual zeal was fed by his focus on 10-7 The eternal versus the temporal and his devotion to Jesus Christ
Paul's view of life and death 10-8 saw the former as service to Christ and the latter as the opportunity to be with Him
The love of Christ constraining a believer refers to 10-9 its powerful influence on the believer's life and the outgrowth of obedient witnessing
What three disciplines nurture spiritual zeal 10-10 1. Study in the word 2. Reliance on the Holy Spirit 3. Rejection of sin
What mistake do many followers of Christ make in regard to personal evangelism? 10-11 They look for confidence within themselves when sharing the gospel
What was the early church's source of confidence when sharing the message of Christ? 10-12 Early Christians found confidence in: 1. their knowledge of and 2. relationship to God
Why is Paul's sense of obligation an example to every Christian? 10-13 The Bible makes it clear that all who have been saved are compelled by Christ's love to share the measage of salvation with the lost
Why is recognition of an obligation only partial motivation for sharing the gospel?10-14 Recognition of the obligation must be followed by an eagerness to fulfill that obligation
How does emulating Paul's unashamed commitment to share the gospel touch the believer's entire life? 10-15 An unashamed gospel witness involves both a mental acknowledgment of the truth and an emotional commitment to sharing it
How does the popular view of the zealous christian differ from the scriptural mandate to be zealous? 10-16 Zealous faith is most often associated with new Christians, while the Bible commands believers to maintain that zeal throughout life.
What two factors radically influenced Paul and energized his faith? 10-17 Paul maintained a focus on the eternal and a personal devotion to Jesus Christ.
How would applying Paul's worldview today impact the life of a believer? 10-18 Christians who focus on Christ and on eternity are able to lead fulfilled lives with no fear of death.
How does the love of Christ transcend mere emotional warmth? 10-19 Christ's love is an active force that takes control of the believer's life.
How can the believer maintain zealous devotion to God? 10-20 Faithful study of God's Word, praying in the Spirit, and cleansing from sin and self-will
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