Developing an ability to draw

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What are the stage's of children's drawings? 1) Scribbles (up to 30 months) 2) Single units (30-46 months) 3) Differentiated figures (46 months - 7 years) 4) Integrated whole (7+)
Define intellectual realism. The phenomenon of children drawing what they know, rather than what they see.
What are two explanations of intellectual realism? 1) egocentric tendency 2) desire to communicate
What did the cup drawing task find? Children under 7 were more likely to draw the handle of the cup even if they were unable to see it, thus displaying intellectual realism.
Define viewer independent. The true dimensions and properties of an object, and not just those that appear from a specific vantage point.
Why might a child draw an unpleasant figure smaller? Because a smaller figure is less of a threat.
What is the significance of the size of drawings? Drawings are influence by emotional response to the subject matter, so the thing that is important to the child ma be drawn bigger.
Why can't we use information from drawings in isolation? Issues with reliably interpreting the significance of the drawings.
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