The United Nations

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The United Nations: Background information -founded in 1945 after the end of WWII. -51 countries joined promising to maintain international peace and security. -the UN is best known for peace keeping and humanitarian assistance.
The United Nations: Structure: The United Nation's system is based on 5 main principals -the general assembly -the security council - the economic and social council -the secretariat -the international court of justice
The United Nations: General Assembly: Overview The assembly meets in yearly sessions unless emergency sessions have been called. The general assembly is the main deliberative assembly and is composed of all the UN member states.
The United Nations: General Assembly: Voting system When the General Assembly vote, a two-thirds majority of those present and voting is required. Each member country has one vote.
The united Nations: The Security Council: Overview -the security council is made up of 15 member states, consisting of 5 permanent members. -France, China, the UK, the US and Russia -the security council is charged with maintaining peace and security.
The United Nations: The Five Permanent Members The five permanent members hold veto over the UN resolutions. This allows a permanent member to block adoption of a resolution and not debate.
The United Nations: Secretariat: Overview -it is headed by the secretary general. -it is assisted by a staff of international servants worldwide. -it provides studies, information and facilities needed by the UN for their meetings.
The United Nations: Secretariat: Job of the Secretary General The secretary general acts as the spokesperson and leader of the UN. He is appointed by the general assembly. He can bring attention to the security council 'any matter which may threaten international peace and security.'
The United Nations: International Court of Justice: Overview -it is located in the Netherlands. -it is made up of 15 judges who serve 9-year terms and are appointed by the general assembly. Each sitting judge must be from a different nation.
The United Nations: International Court of Justice: Aims It's purpose is to adjudicate disputes among states. These cases could be related to war crimes, illegal state interference, ethnic cleansing, etc.
The United Nations: Economic and Social Council: Overview -it assists the general assembly in promoting international economic and social so-operation and development. -the council has an annual meeting in July, held either in Geneva or New York.
The United Nations: Economic and Social Council: Members It has 54 members which are elected by the general assembly. Each is in for a 3-year term. The president is elected for a 1-year term. It has-at times- been criticized for being unfocused or irrelevant.
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