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Explain thyroid hormones When T4 released into the blood, it is converted into T3(=the active hormone that affects the metabolism of the cells)
What are the two main imbalances of the Thyroid gland and their symptoms? Hyperthyroidism or Overactive thyroid: nervous, shaky, bad sleep, sweating, loosing weight, tired, increased heart rate, loss of hair, swollen eyes. Hypothyroidism or Underactive Thyroid: fatigue, weight gain, course skin, veru sleepy
Problems with the Thyroid Weight control, energy heat issues-too hot, too cold......., cold hands and feet
Test for Thyroid Contact the throat just above the epi-sternal notch at the top of the breastbone while testing the S.I.M.
Nutrition for the Thyroid Any glandular/Nutri Thyroid and Boost. Organic Iodine (good amount in Black Walnut), Kelp and Hops, Energ V, Spirulina
Corrections for the Thyroid Teres Minor's lymphatic's and vascular points + C6, C7, T1
The Parathyroid Role Related to the Ca and Ph, the upper gut, swallowing and digestion
Problems with the Parathyroid HYPER: loss of appetite, nausea, constipation, increased urination, increased thirst, increased aches and pains, increased muscle weakness, burning mouth and throat. Problems swallowing(esp after removal). DEHYDRATION and HIGH BP Acid gut, heartburn,nausea after eating fruit HYPO: twitching, nervousness, irritability, lethargy, brittle nails, dry skin, body hair loss. Alkaline gut, emaciated, belching, bloating, metallic taste before eating, constipation.
Test fot the Parathyroid Contact either side of the Thyroid where the Parathyroid is located while testing the S.I.M.
Nutrition for the Parathyroid Any glandular and boost, Lecithin
Corrections for the Parathyroid Levator Scapulae lymphatics, C2&3 Thyroid M.E.I. Balance Lung Meridian???
The problems imbalanced Thymus can cause? Frequent infections, swollen lymph glands, neck pain, shoulder/arm/hand pain, nausea, sweating, shaking, baggy swollen look
testing the Thymus Tips of 2 fingers on the Angle of Louis, about 5 cm below the supra-sternal notch, very slightly to the left, and test a SIM
Nutrition for the Thymus Any glandular, Mastergland and boost, Defence maintenance, Zambroza, high doses of vitamin C, Digestive Aid
About the Thymus It is relate to the Immune system, by producing Thymosin A the immune factor.(used for hepatitis B and C medically). Also linked to self-esteem, spiritual and human(not sexual) love.
Why does Thymus diminish as we get older? It is not needed as much as we get older because our immune system has built up immunity to so many things. It may also be because we lack love, self esteem and vitamin A.
Thymus corrections Infraspinatus lymphatics (5&6 rib on the right, T12 right), C7, T1; Thymus tapping(waltz beat), Retrograde Lymph Correction, TW Meridian tracing
Explain the 2 main lymphatic drains The short RIGHT lymphatic duct drains only 15% of the body(the right side of the head, neck, chest, arm,lung and liver). The left lymphatic duct=the Thoracic duct, drains the other 85% of the body
The Physiological considerations for the Lymph Even a slight restriction in the size of the vessels can result in the greatly impeded flow. No pump, so it relies on external muscular movement to propel it along.
Retrograde Lymphatics Test and Correction SIM, Leave legs up 90° for 20 seconds, then re-test SIM. Correction: Massage away from sternum to shoulder and armpit with oil. Re-check test.
Describe the Pituitary gland It produces hormones which affect other glands (the LEADER of the Endocrine Orchestra) that regulate vital body activities. Growth hormone, sexual development, conversion of food into energy, regulates urinary output, influences milk production and oxytocin(=regulates the contraction of the uterus during childbirth)
What are the problems with Pituitary Migraines, left sided weakness, menstrual problems, birth trauma, dietary abuse during pregnancy, digestive upsets
How do we test the Pituitary? Pinch the bridge of the nosegently and test S.I.M.
How do we test the Pituitary? Pinch the bridge of the nosegently and test S.I.M.
Nutrition for the Pituitary Any glandular, esp Nutri Pituitary, Mastergland and boost, Colloidal minerals and Potassium
Corrections for the Pituitary Right occiput manipulation??? TMJ, Laser light into Glabella (with eyes closed)
What about the Thyroid? It regulates metabolism(=the rate at which the fuel is burned in the body).
What are the two most important thyroid hormones? T3 triiodothyronine T4 Thyroxine 99% 1% of thyroid hormone present in the blood respectively
What nutrition do we give for an imbalanced Pineal gland? Any glandular and boost.Magnesium, Melatonin for sleep issues. Also: if chronic fatigue, test for 5HTP, especially for drug users and smokers: low tryptophan and serotonin
How do we correct an imbalanced Pineal gland? TMJ, expansion of symphysis menti with respiration, Shining laser light into glabella (with eyes closed)
What problems can an imbalanced Pineal gland cause? Low sex drive, insomnia, headaches, light sensitivity, addictive behaviour, blood pressure, premature senility, learning disability+epilepsy?
How do we test for an imbalanced Pineal gland? Contact the Glabella, between the eyebrows, above the bridge of the nose. Test a S.I.M.
What is the Pineal Gland? It is a LIGHT sensitive gland , also a CLOCK(sets our body rhythms according to the pattern of light that falls on it. Affects the activity of the sexual LIBIDO and sexual activity
PHYSICAL ASPECT of a regular regime for a balanced Endocrine System Endocrine fix and Regular balancing Regular exercise, Meditation, Brisk walking, Rebounding to music "Recharge Baterries" sleep, rest and relaxation Hobbies that relax and restore
ENERGETIC ASPECT of a regular regime for a balanced Endocrine System Be exposed to a DAYLIGHT every day, not through the glass Use the REBOUNDER to strenghten the Aura in the Earth's magnetic field SHOWERS energise, hot baths don't, they are good before bed Use NATURAL FABRICS(cotton,wool), avoid synthetics Use IONISERS. Neutralize and review Electrical energy drains, Mobile phones, TVs, Monitors, Electrical Appliances, etc
The functions of Hypothalamus It regulates: Body temperature, thirst, appetite, blood pressure, sexual behaviour, aggression, fear, sleep, the limbic system(involved with the emotions), and the pituitary gland.
What problems can an imbalanced Hypothalamus cause? Very sick and weak, or very very strong, a challenged nervous system, addictive behaviour, rage, fear, docility, heavy metal toxicity, headache, hyper-irritable, excess/no urination, depression, very high/low BP
How do we test for Hypothalamus imbalance? With a feather light touch, brush the skin or blow on the skin, and test a S.I.M.
What Nutrition do we give for an imbalanced Hypothalamus? Any glandular, particularly Energ V, Siberian Ginseng, Spirulina, Licorice root, Lecithin(mood swings), Ginco Biloba(down/depressed), Mg. Animal glandulars/Nutri Vitamin C-LARGE doses All with B's/Nutricalm for the full boost
What is the correction for Hypothalamus? TMJ Rub jaw firmly with lymphatic pressure and also all around the temporalis.
What is good to check additionally when working on Hypothalamus? Good idea to check for HEAVY METAL TOXICITY. If present, large doses of vitamin C, NSP Heavy Metal Detox, or individual nutrient for specific metal
What is Hypothalamus? Not an actual gland, although some say it is a master gland. It is a part of he brain, smaller than a fingertip, and weighing only a quarter of an ounce; it performs more functions than any other brain structure of comparable size.
What is the Endocrine Nutritional Boost? B-complex/Nutricalm(NSP), Truefood B complex(H/N) 1 brewakfast and lunch except Nutricalm; Pantothenic Acid(Cytoplan) Niacin(Cytoplan) Chew 2, 3xday Vitamin C 500-100mg Citrus Bioflavonoids, Rosehip C 1000mg/Truefood C: Crunch 1,2 or 3, 3xday Relevant Glandular: Adrenal, Pituitary and Thyroid from Nutri, HERBAL: Mastergland, Energy-V, Kelp with Hops, Spirulina, Siberian Ginseng, Licorice Root, Biota and Shizandra...NSP: 1-3 a day
Do clients stop Endocrine Nutritional Boost once balanced? No, they should preferably maintain a boost once a day with breakfast to feed the body's core system for a hectic day!
What happens in the body of people who "go for the burn" (adrenalin junkies) They release huge amounts of Lactic acid into the system which causes stiffness and toxicity if not cleansed.
Name 4 aspects of a regular regime for endocrine system Mental, Nutritional, Physical, Energetic
MENTAL ASPECT of a regular regime for a balanced Endocrine System Review life situation and goals, make changes where possible E.S.R.(past, present and future)&reduce stress Music into SI Alarm Point Regular Momentary Holidays Actual holidays can be a worse stress than not taking one Eye rotations, Temporal tap, Fundamental conflict
What is Endocrine System? It is a network of ductless glands that secrete hormones directly into the blood stream. These glands tell our body what to do and when to do it.
What are the Tools/Stressors for the Glands? 1. EMOTIONS
What is the most powerful way to to pull people back from all kinds of mystery illnesses and conditions? An Endocrine Treatment An Endocrine Boost(=follow up nutrition) The Lifestyle Changes
Explain 4 aspects of approaching the Endocrine balance Emotions Nutritional Structural Energy
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