Humour Conventions

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Joke a set formulaic routine that relies on a set of techniques to get a laugh (composed)
Satire the parodying of a figure of authority or wide convention (law and order, marriages, politics)
Parody exaggerated imitation or an imitation with changes for purpose of humour/mockery
slapstick exaggerated physical comedy (cartoon violence)
Punch line short answer that reveals the joke Usually: revelation and undercut
Undercut Subvert, go against what has already been said
Puns homophones and literal/metaphorical play on words
homophones words that sound the same, but look different. e.g. wood and would
lit and metaphorical puns literal: taking words in their usual sense Metaphorical; suggest a resemblance
ancedote a short account of something that happened, colloquial language
irony the use of language in which the words said convey a meaning that is the opposite of what is actually spoken
metaphor poetic lie, whereby item a IS item b
premise the background/idea on which the story or sit com is based on
black humour comedy usually about death, makes light of a serious topic
innuendo double meaning, rude, other meaning is usually sexual
hyperbole deliberate exaggeration for the purpose of expressing an idea emphatically
Idioms well known phrase or expression that conveys a meaning other than its words "its raining cats and dogs"
Caricature exaggerated representation of a character. It is usually a cartoon that exaggerates features of a well known person or public figure.
Ambiguity situation where the meaning is not clear, misunderstanding
Audience Jokes heavily depend on audience's prior knowledge
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