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regions of the cell cell membrane cytoplasm nucleus
plasma membrane phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins, cholesteral and glycolipids
what does the cytoplasm do? surrounds cytoplasm and separates it from outside environment
3 functions of cell membrane 1. barrier 2. regulates flow, 3. communicates
What do the different membrane proteins do? Ion channels carriers/transports receptors enzymes linkers cell identify markers
ion channels allow specific ions through membrane
selective permeability membrane allows only some substances to cross
Crossing the cell membrane substances need to move across to keep the cell alive
concentration gradient difference in the concentration of a chemical from one place to another
2 ways substances move across membrane passive(no ATP) active( ATP)
Passive process diffusion(particles) & osmosis(solvent)
diffusion net movement of particles high area concentration to low
facilitated diffusion proteins used to transport large molecules across membrane
osmosis net movement of SOLVENT through a selectively permeable membrane
3 possibilities of osmosis isotonic hypertonic hypotonic
isotonic same solution. enters and leaves most IV solutions
hypertonic if cell is surounded by hyPERtonic solution, water leaves the cell. -cell shrivels *used for brain swelling
hypotonic if cell is surrounded by hyPOtonic solution, water enters the cell. -Cell will swell and burst *used for dehydration
Active process (crossing cell membrane) requires ATP and proteins to move particles from low to high concentration (across gradient)
endocytosis IN bringing cells into the cell using vesicle
2 kinds of endocytosis phagocytosis - cell eating pinocytosis - cell drinking
exocytosis OUT movement of materials out of the cell using secretory vesicle
2 important kinds digestive enzymes neurotransmitters
Cytoplasm all cellular contents between plasma membrane and nucleus
2 components cytoplasm cytosol organelles
cytosol intracellular fluid site for cells chemical rxn 55% of cell volume
organelles little organ specialized structures that perform cell functions
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