Plastics Manufacture

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GCSE Graphics Revision for plastics manufacture

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What does Lamination do? Gives additional protection from wear or the weather/moisture
What does the cold process of lamination involve? Self adhesive plastic
What does the hot process of lamination do? Heats the plastic until it sticks to the paper/card
What is the most important method of plastic production? Injection Moulding
How does Injection Moulding work? Plastic granules are heated then under pressure injected into a mould cavity
What are the disadvantages of injection moulding? High mould cost means IM is only suited to mass production
What are the advantages of injection moulding? -Rapid cycle time -Very efficient, no waste material -Objects require no finishing -Uses thermoplastics
Describe the process of vaccuum forming 1-Sheet plastic heated until it goes soft 2- Soft plastic is placed over a mould 3-Mould is raised, then air removed to form a vacuum 4-The plastic is cooled using fans to reduce cycle time
Describe the process of line bending? 1-Plastic placed across a heated element 2-Plastic goes soft and is bent to the desired angle
What scale of production is line bending suited to? Small scale and Batch production
Name an advantage of line bending Simple process
What do jigs do to help line bending? Enable angles/shapes to be made with consistency and accuracy
Describe the process of blow moulding 1-Preform is injection moulded 2-Preform is heated then blown out to final form 3-Final plastic form is allowed to cool then released from the mould
Name an advantage of blow moulding Cycle time is just seconds
What does blow moulding manufacture? Hollow forms such as bottles
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