Biology- Dietary Requirements

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Dietry Requirements- CARBOHYDRATES Carbohydates - Found in Pastas, Cereals - Broken down in cells for chemical energy to fuel functions, also muscle contractions and nerve impulses - If deficient: Paralysis, Swelling
Dietry Requirements- PROTEINS Proteins -Found in meat, fish, eggs, milk -Used for growth and repair in cells/tissues -If deficient: Anaemia, Protein deficiency disease
Dietary Requirements: FAT Fat -Oils (unsaturated), meat (saturated) -Storage of energy, protection of organs, protection from cold -Too much saturated fat: Increases concentration of cholesterol in body
Dietary Requirements- Water Water -Everywhere! Juices, Solid foods.. -Liquid that carries other substances around body to cells -If deficient: Dehydration, metabolic slowness, death
Dietary Requirements- FIBRE Fibre -Found in: Nuts, bran cereals, fresh fruit, wholemeal bread, vegetables -Giving digestive system a 'work-out' although not actually digested -Constipation, swelling
Dietary Requirements VITAMIN A Vitamin A -Found in: Carrots -Keeps skin healthy and helps sight -If deficient: Sight loss, unhealthy skin
Dietary Requirements- VITAMIN C Vitamin C -Found in: Citrus Fruits -Needed for healthy skin, teeth and bones -If deficient: Unhealthy skin teeth & bones
Dietary Requirements- VITAMIN D Vitamin D -Found in: Sunlight -Use: Calcium absorption from gut -Rickets in children
Dietary Requirements- IRON Iron -Found in: Meat, dark green veg -Use: Make chemicals found in muscles -If deficient: Anaemia
Dietary Requirements- CALCIUM Calcium -Found in: Dairy products and veg -Use: Bone and muscle formation, muscle contractions -If deficient: Spontaneous nerve firing, loss of control of muscles
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