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What is Hesed? Hesed means love, and it also means God's undying love for us.
covenant a sacred agreement between God and his people
Jacob Esau's brother, stole Esau's blessing form Isaac
Esau Jacob's brother, hairy, traded birth right for a bowl of soup
Noah built ark, rainbow covenant with God
Abraham used to be Abram, has Isaac, was about to offer him to God
Sarah was Sarai, laughed when told she would have a child at old age
Isaac son of Abraham & Sarah, almost offered to God, married Rebekah, had Esau & Jacob
Hagar Abraham didn't think Sarah could have a baby, went to Hagar, Hagar was told to flee with son, Ishmael
Ishmael Abraham & Hagar's son
Reflection questions 1) What do you see? 2) Put yourself in their shoes. 3) How is God present? 4) How can you relate?
Giving Tree tree ran out of things to give (not God!), loves giving (like God)
Acronym for 10 Commandments Come on guys, only one god Only safe words Masses on sunday Mister and misses adults Alive and free No affairs with your friends Don't take le candy Make the truth visible Earn your own soul mate Never be jelly of other people Time to end this acronym
Messiah Hebrew word that means 'anointed'
Human & Divine Jesus is 100% both!
Incarnation when Jesus became human to save us from our sins
Narnia Aslan => Jesus
Son of God Jesus is the son of god
Word of God the Gospel
Dyings & Risings the positives/negatives of both
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