Week 6 Assignment 2 Concept Map

D'Angelo Williams
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D'Angelo WIlliams Concept Map

D'Angelo Williams
Created by D'Angelo Williams about 2 years ago
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Flowchart nodes

  • Linking The Grievances
  • The Bill of Rights Written: 1789
  • Declaration of Independence Written: 1776
  • It was written to grant states the call for more  rights supporting individual liberties
  • It was written to explain why the colonist wanted independence from Great Britain, and it outlined the core ideals and support of individual rights and liberties.
  • The Declaration of Independence announced separation from Great Britain and was written by Thomas Jefferson. It calls for separation and protection of the writers believing the government is to protect the natural born rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to the constitution that was written by James Madison. It supports the governmental purpose, as the writers believe, of protecting individual rights.
  • The list of rights give individuals the right to act on their own in various ways.
  • The list of grievances express how the king obstructed their individuals rights and oppressed various aspects of life and is used to justify their actions.
  • The authors of both documents believe in "all men are created equal" and believe those rights are to be protected; therefore, both were written in order to protect these rights whether by amendment or by separation. This links the two and makes it apparent that the authors were standing and protecting the basis of what this country stands on. Nevertheless, as our country has grown and times have changed, that which our country was founded on has began to broaden but still stands and is protected.