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  • The roles of teacher
  • it's divided in  
  • organiser
  • controller
  • one of  the most significant roles of a teacher is the organize the student, depend the type of class or activity that is going to be  do. examples that, how you can organize de class room: around the room, lines, separated... 
  • assessor
  • prompter
  • when the teachers controllers the group, he taking a different place that his students. the teacher has to experiment different ways for that the class not be boring and his students the all the time have excited. nevertheless some times the teacher had put order with a scream or  blows in the board.
  • the teacher act like a assessor offering feedback  on performance to the students  and that they can pass to the next level doing important makes
  • the students always wants a role play activity, but in this case the most important is that the student can do write:  phrases, words,  paragraphs and all it's possible with sensitively and encouragingly
  • resource
  • participant
  • there are moments when the teacher should join in the activities  and participate in their own right making it more entretaining. students enjoy their teacher company but, not resolving them the activities.
  • tutor
  • observer
  • students need to take a role and be prepared for their class. the teacher is a guide for students search of information, telling the what materials or furthers are good for them, as teacher it's imposible to know all the answers.
  • in students projects teacher should act as a tutor working one by one or in small groups, pointing directions that they does't have already, working round the classroom, it's essential for us to act as tutors.
  • notice or perceive our students work but not suffocating them is important, it's  useful when the teacher is taking notes on students performance observing the use of language, it let us realise their increse giving the feedback of what they know and are able to do, listening and watching
  • Which role?
  • the role depends of the students achive, depending of the activities sometimes teachers would need to act as a promoter, where other ocassions it would be more appropiate to act as a rosource, teaches should be adaptable to the situations at the classroom and have control of the role that is performing
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