The olympians


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The olympians
  1. Greece
    1. For the ancient
      1. Represented
        1. Physical achievement
      2. The games
        1. where a mix
          1. athletic and religion
          2. celebrated
            1. in a festival
              1. dedicated to
                1. ZEUS
                2. politic calm
                  1. there was peace
                    1. at the time
                      1. was used only
                        1. for events
            2. According to the legend
              1. a runner named
                1. COROEBUS
                  1. WAS THE FIRST
                    1. CHAMPION
                    2. WAS A COOK
                2. Over the centuries
                  1. Changed
                    1. the competitions
                      1. Became more serious
                      2. created rules
                        1. PENTATHLON
                          1. discus throwing, running
                            1. long jumping, javelin throwing
                              1. wrestling
                            2. this sports
                              1. same as they are now
                        2. other events requiered
                          1. SPPED
                        3. Today the winner
                          1. receive gold, silver, bronze
                            1. in greece
                              1. the winner had
                                1. olive wreath
                                  1. was a sign of
                                    1. distinction, or social position
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