Past Simple: affirmative and negative forms


This Mind Map summarizes the structure of affirmative and negative sentences in the past simple. It shows examples for both regular and irregular verbs.
Andrés Quevedo
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Past Simple: affirmative and negative forms
  1. Types of verbs
    1. Regular verbs
      1. passED
        1. lookED
          1. visitED
            1. changeD and not changEED
              1. stoPPED and not stopED
                1. CarrIED and not carryED
                2. Irregular verbs
                  1. see - saw
                    1. fly - Flew
                      1. hear - heard
                        1. come - came
                          1. feel - felt
                            1. fight - fought
                          2. Affirmative form
                            1. Suject + past simple form of the verb
                              1. Examples
                                1. I went home very late last night. I went to Susan's party
                                  1. I changed clothes for the party when I got home from the office
                                2. Negative form
                                  1. Subject + Didn't (did not) + infinitive
                                    1. Example
                                      1. She didn't look very well yesterday in class
                                        1. She didn't come to school the next day. She was very ill.
                                    2. Time expressions
                                      1. That day/night/week/month, etc.
                                        1. Yesterday
                                          1. The day before yesterday
                                            1. Last night/year/month/week/Sunday
                                              1. A week/ few days/month/year ago
                                                1. In 2006, in May...
                                                  1. When I was...
                                          2. Use
                                            1. Actions or events that started and finished in the past
                                              1. Examples
                                                1. He saw a ghost in the corridor last night
                                                  1. She walked right next to me but she didn't recognize me
                                                    1. We visited my aunt in France last year
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