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  1. Amicable
    1. Showing friendliness and goodwill
      1. My dog is very amicable which people
    2. Delude
      1. To deceive mislead
        1. Do not delude to the persons
      2. Divulge
        1. To reveal disclose
          1. we divulge the new homework throughout the school
        2. Drought
          1. Prolonged lack of rain
            1. I have a drought of glass of soda
          2. Expendable
            1. Consumable, and able to be replaced
              1. my mom is not expendable
            2. Inherit
              1. To receive from ones ansestors
                1. My uncle is going to inherit everything to my cousin
              2. mdiocre
                1. Lacking quality, below average
                  1. some people are mediocre
                2. Mentor
                  1. A trusted counselor
                    1. my mentor is my family
                  2. Oversight
                    1. Faiture to notice something important
                      1. In the banks they occupy oversight
                    2. Rehabilitate
                      1. To restore to normal use or healthy living
                        1. my aunt is going to rehabilitate in the hospital
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