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Gerunds after Prepositions


Aportes para la actividad colaborativa del curso INGLÉS B1 - (900003A_614) desarrollados por el estudiante Edgar Mauricio Londoño Rodríguez (grupo 298).
Edgar Mauricio Londoño Rodríguez
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Edgar Mauricio Londoño Rodríguez
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Gerunds after Prepositions
  1. Rules
    1. "After a preposition, if we use a verb, it is always a gerund. It is impossible to use an infinitive or any other verb form after a preposition" (UNAD Florida, 2016).
      1. Curiosities:
        1. This is one of the few rules in English with no exceptions.
      2. Bibliographic references:
        1. UNAD Florida, (2016) Job Interview taken from:
        2. Examples of gerunds after prepositions
          1. People need to adapt to changing economic conditions.
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            2. I apologize for interrupting.
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              2. Some people disapprove of helping the poor.
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                2. Edgar decided on going abroad next year.
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                3. By: Edgar Mauricio Londoño Rodríguez.
                  1. More examples of gerunds after prepositions
                    1. The brothers had to adjust to living as orphans.
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                      2. We are prohibited from doing lots of things in the airplanes, It is unfair.
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                        2. I could not agree on spending more money on the pub.
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                          2. Students were engaged in learning the Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
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