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Tina Via
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Tina Via
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Resource summary

This Rough Magic
  1. Characters
    1. Main characters
      1. Lucy Waring
        1. Adoni
          1. Godfrey Manning
            1. Max Gale
              1. Julian Gale
              2. Secondary characters
                1. Phyllida Forli
                  1. Leonardo Forli
                    1. Maria
                      1. Miranda
                        1. Yanni
                          1. Spiro
                            1. The dolphin
                          2. Spaces
                            1. Corfu
                              1. Castello dei Fiori
                                1. Villa Forli
                                  1. Villa Rotha
                                    1. Boat-House
                                    2. Corfu Town
                                      1. Corfu Palace
                                      2. Albania
                                      3. Timeline
                                        1. Introduction
                                          1. Development
                                            1. End
                                              1. Lucy gets in Godfrey's house to find the stolen proof
                                                1. Manning comes back and she hides in the boat but he finds her
                                                  1. He tries to kill her but she survives and some villagers help her
                                                    1. Lucy returns and reveals the truth to the policemen while Adoni goes for the proof
                                                      1. Manning scapes and runs to the boat to get to Albania
                                                        1. Adoni sets a trap and makes the boat explode when Godfrey was in
                                                          1. Lucy and Max get married
                                              2. Lucy finds Adoni's corpse along Godfrey and Phyllida
                                                1. Max Gale calls the police
                                                  1. Lucy goes to the beach at night to find her sister's ring
                                                    1. Lucy is attacked by Max Gales
                                                      1. Max helps her saving the dolphin and they kiss
                                                        1. Max tells her the truth and shows her where they are hiding Spiro
                                                          1. Max and Adoni take Spiro to the hospital while Lucy distracts Godfrey
                                                            1. Miranda explains Lucy Adoni found a proof to find Godfrey culprit
                                                              1. The proof is stolen by Manning so Lucy and Miranda follow him
                                              3. Lucy has breakfast with her sister and meets Miranda
                                                1. Lucy meets a dolphin and Max Gale
                                                  1. Godfrey reveals Spiro's death
                                                    1. Lucy meets Julian Gale and sees a mysterious man
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