Vocabulary and Its Importance in Language Learning


Mind Map on Vocabulary and Its Importance in Language Learning, created by Karen Valenzuela on 03/26/2020.
Karen Valenzuela
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Karen Valenzuela
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Vocabulary and Its Importance in Language Learning
  1. What is vocabulary?
    1. Refers to all the words in a language, the entire vocabulary of a language.
    2. The importance of Vocabulary
      1. Vocabulary is central to English language teaching because without sufficient vocabulary students cannot understand others or express their own ideas.
      2. Aspects of Vocabulary Knowledge
        1. Form
          1. Spoken
            1. What does the word sound like?
              1. How is the word pronounced?
          2. Meaning
            1. Form and meaning
              1. What meaning does this word form signal?
                1. What word form can be used to express this meaning?
            2. Use
              1. Grammatical functions
                1. In what patterns does the word occur?
                  1. In what patterns must people use this word?
            3. Developing a Love for Vocabulary Learning
              1. English vocabulary’s expansion is exciting, but it also means that teachers and students alike need to be in the habit of learning vocabulary.
                1. People can expand their English vocabulary knowledge in many different ways.
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